Auckland Guitar Lessons

References from Guitar Lesson Students

“At the age of 47, I decided to learn to play the guitar, but knew I’d need to find the right kind of teacher, someone who not only knew their craft, but was friendly, encouraging and fun to learn from. After reviewing a few more ‘traditional’ teachers, I came across Danny, a professional performing/recording musician, who has exceeded all my expectations and continues to do so. Within a matter of weeks I went from not knowing a single chord to playing along with some of my favourite artists, to refreshing my rusty music theory, and thoroughly enjoying myself. Each lesson is so much fun; Danny is a fount of knowledge about all kinds of music, and genuinely passionate about sharing it, which in turn inspires and encourages me to find my own expression with the guitar. If you can grab some time with Danny, do it. You won’t regret it.”

“Danny’s innovative way of teaching has allowed me to understand music from a different angle in comparison to the traditional “here’s a note, so you play the note” type of approach. I’ve been learning guitar with Danny for more than a year now and I’ve learned much more than the three years prior when I tried to teach myself. The progress made under Danny’s instructions has never ceased amaze me.”

“I am 57 years old and have been learning to play the guitar over the last 4 years. I started lessons with Danny 18 months ago. It was one of the best decisions I have made . His professional and disciplined approach I believe has improved my playing ability and helped correct some of my bad habits. By choice I get to play songs by some of my favourite artists. Learning a musical instrument for the first time at my age has been a bit of a challenge but Danny’s encouragement, patience and sense of humour inspires me each week.”

“Danny was highly recommended to me by a friend, and from the first session I was blown away and have not looked back since. Danny is obviously a talented and experienced musician but not everyone can be a teacher, however Danny is a fantastic teacher. His patience, motivation and knowledge that he shares means that I come away from each weekly lesson with the tools I need to tackle the next song and the drive to practice harder. I would highly recommend Danny to anyone who is wanting to push themselves and achieve their dream of playing the guitar.”

“As a adult absolute beginner, I had a resident trepidation and discomfort. Anything less than a supportive and nonjudgmental approach would have snuffed my slender attempts. I'm pleased to say that Danny's warmth and friendly mastery helped encourage growing confidence. Highly recommended.”

“As an intermediate guitar player I had hit a wall and was making no progress. You can only go so far watching YouTube videos and jamming with your mates. From the moment I met Danny he challenged all aspects of my playing with the aim to improve my technique, rhythm and understanding of music. I’m delighted with my progress and enjoy the lessons. Danny is patient, observant and will push your boundaries. Being tutored by one of Auckland’s most respected musicians is a real bonus and he’s passionate about all types of music. I highly recommend you book some time with Danny.”

"I hadn't picked up my guitar since the late 60's and was hesitant to approach Danny as his profile indicated he was a professional musician and I thought he may not want to teach a "mature" beginner. As it has turned out Danny has been superb to,work with. He is passionate about his craft, has a genuine skill as a teacher and is flexible enough about his approach that he can cope with my diversions from the prescribed method. Danny is a very accomplished guitarist as I found out when I watched him play live but he is able to keep it simple but inspiring for beginners. I can thoroughly recommend Danny to other "mature" students and my strong suspicion is he would appeal to all age groups."

“As an adult, and complete beginner, I was worried about the repertoire of songs I would be resigned to learning. To my relief, ‘Michael Row The Boat Ashore’ has not once made an appearance and instead, each lesson, Danny teaches me my favourite songs of the week. Danny’s patient, competitively priced, and can teach you any song you want. I recommend him to anyone.”

"My son has been having lessons with Danny for 2.5 years, and we are very happy. More importantly he loves going to lessons and really likes Danny too, which is very important for a pre-teen. As a well known and respected real band musician it gives my son the feeling he is learning from someone that can teach him real music.”

"I enjoy learning with Danny as he’s an approachable tutor and the lessons are practical and tailored well to my ability. It’s also great to be taught with someone so passionate about their craft"

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